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Why Choose Glass Canopy

Why Choose Glass Canopy Glass canopy come is different design and pattern. The most popular type of glass canopy is the frameless design that could be easily installed with a different support system. The stainless steel canopies, spider fittings and disc anchor are some of the standard range of canopies installed. Glass canopy is most commonly chosen for decorative purpose and […] the rest of this entry

Architectural Glass

  The purpose of architectural glass Decorating your house with glass is a wonderful idea because it not only gives a welcome look but as well makes your home look rich and grand. Installing the architectural glass will easily fulfil your expectations beyond your thoughts. Installing them in the doors and windows is one of […] the rest of this entry


V-Grooving V-Grooving is a very recent development in the technology world, which helps a lot in designing processes. V-grooving denotes any longitudinal cut that is made on the surface of plywood, glass or otherwise. Since these cuts are made in the V-pattern, they are known as V grooves and the process V-grooving. One such sector […] the rest of this entry

Safety Glass

Safety glass is a type of glass that keeps the user of such glass safer than what he would have been with another type of glass. This is because the glass is resistant to breakage, up to a certain extent of force, of course. Also, when it breaks, it causes less damage because of its […] the rest of this entry

Benefits offered by Different Types of Obscure glass

Benefits offered by Different Types of Obscure glass Obscure glass is similar to those of the frosted glass or the ground glass allowing the pass of light but not the view. These glasses have their uses particularly in the front entrance. The various designs will suit with almost all kinds of property and the opacity […] the rest of this entry

Low Iron Glass: the pros and cons

Low Iron Glass: the pros and cons One of the most common types of glass is synthetically manufactured glass. There are many raw materials essential for the manufacturing of glass, and the fate of the manufactures glass depends on the number, type, quality and proportion of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process. Glass […] the rest of this entry

Transparent glass

Transparent glass- a primary glass for production of every other glass All glasses are optically transparent in nature. So normal glass is also called transparent glass because this type of glass permits the entire light particle to pass through it. Since the light parti-cles can easily pass through so it gives us a clear view. […] the rest of this entry

Laminated Glass: Security Options

Laminated Glass: Security Options Nowadays, the security aspects play a more important role while building a house more than that of beautification prospects. Installing a laminated glass is one of the most viable solutions for keeping the house secured from the attack of burglars and assailants. A laminated glass can be installed in the window […] the rest of this entry

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