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Advantage of using V-Grooving


V-grooving, otherwise known as miter folding, has become a much needed method for increasing the productivity and usability for drop edges or backsplashes. V-grooving was invented by machinists as it was intended to replace the conventional method of butt joint construction in which tapes are used to hold the materials which are cut or grooved. In this way the materials can be folded to form the required shape. This method was invented basically as the conventional method was very time consuming and it was a labor-intensive process. The advantage of using V-grooving is that it consumes quite less time than the conventional method. Not only does it take less time, this method is also not as much dependent on labor as the conventional method is. The tape used in V-grooving thus acts as a sort of hinge which allows easy alignment of the pieces. It is used in furniture industries and in countertops and cabinet industries.

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