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Architectural Glass – An Overview

Architectural Glass – An Overview

Many of you would have wondered what architectural glass is all about. They are just a plane glass that is most commonly used in construction of buildings. The general formulation of these glasses is 24% sand, 2 percent of chalk and 74% of potassium carbonate. The general type of glasses remains fragile and they also contain additives. Besides this, they go through significant processing for making it to match the building. Architectural glass is categorized into different types and they are mentioned here below:


  1. Colored glass is a type of glass that has a combination of myriad colors and they come in distinct design schemes too. These type of glasses are made out coloring agents or even have coloring coat in them.
  2. Safety glass is another glass type that is designed in order to reduce breakage. The come along with shatter proof quality, which keeps the glasses collectively together even if it breaks unexpectedly.

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