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Frosted Glass widely used in bulb filaments

Frosted Glass widely used in bulb filaments

Effects like the glass is getting translucent with the phenomenon of scattering of light in transmission, making the image blur when the transmission is still on can be found in Frosted Glass. Clear sheet glasses are treated via sandblasting or acid etching to produce these types of glasses. The effects can also be obtained by applying vinyl film which is used as a stencil on the surface of the glass. The similar effects can be arranged with the help of canned Frosted Glass sprays. brooklyn auto glass Applications include obtaining visual privacy when the admission of light is still in progress, creation of seals which are airtight inside tubes, distribution of the light in a uniform manner in printers used for photography. In general it is seen that Frosted Glassare widely used in bulbs filament to distribute the light evenly across all the surface area. In some cases they are also used as a glass in restroom windows.

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