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Over View Of The Silk Screened Glass

Over View Of The Silk Screened Glass

The silk screened glass is well thought out as a piece of decoration for the buildings. It is considered as a functional element for building designs. The concept of silk screened glass door glass came in to acquaintance in 1907 when a person from England named Samuel Simon Patented it on his name. It becomes the popular choice of the architects in the early years of 1990’s.  These types of glasses are not used for reinstating the traditional form of glass but it has many other uses. It is highly used for substituting the signs as well as it is generally used in windows, walls and for giving a different look to the entrance of the buildings. It is highly appreciated by the interior decorators for using it as a handrails ceiling and many attractive parts of the interior. The quality which makes silk screened glass so popular is that it enhances and gives a unique look to the appearance of the buildings.



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