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Stained glass doors for the antique look

Stained glass doors for the antique look

Stained glass door is an array of colored glasses which are used to create various designs and pictures. These are usually used in a section of the door or window and not the whole of it. Stained glass has a vintage feel to it and it’s also many hundred years old. Anciently this was mostly found in churches but nowadays many homeowners are going for this bright and creative glass work. These glasses were created by adding metallic wedoshowerdoors salts at the time of manufacturing. These techniques are also used to make wall hangings and other home décor items. Today most of the homeowners use this stained glass at the front glass door of their house. Skylights can also be fitted with these beautiful pieces. If you have a vintage house or want the décor to be vintage these glasses can be the perfect thing for your decoration.

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