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Transparent glass

Transparent glass- a primary glass for production of every other glass All glasses are optically transparent in nature. So normal glass is also called transparent glass because this type of glass permits the entire light particle to pass through it. Since the light parti-cles can easily pass through so it gives us a clear view. This is used in many kinds of apparatus, windows, photo frames, for decorative items and also as an important component of many elec-tronic gadgets and also for some furniture purposes like glass tables etc. Nowadays it is also used as a flooring purpose in many offices and malls to give a sophisticated look. Transparent glass is a solid non-crystalline material which is brittle in nature. It has many physical properties like reflection, refraction and transmitting nature of it which makes it perfect for optical fibers. It is produced by some common techniques like splat quenching, roller quenching and aerodynamic levitation.

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